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What ChatGPT AI-produced content means for SEO


Machine-generated text or content is a growing concern on many levels not only for SEO purposes but in academia as well. 

"As far as I’m concerned, ChatGPT is a shortcut to laziness, unoriginal thinking, p**-poor marketing, and plagiarism; all of which deserves no reward". Bennie Warshaw, CEO of WEBPRO

In order to justify that statement and understand the purpose of this post and broadcast we need to appreciate what is ChatGPT? 

Per OPEN AI’s definition:

We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

They misspelled follow-up. Apparently, written by a human who hasn’t learned much or failed to 4th grade grammar.  If you are using follow up as a verb, there is a space between the two words. If you are using it as a noun or adjective, put a hyphen between the two words: follow-up. Some write it together as one word, but that practice is not standard.

ChatGPT programs are the sign of the times how applications are diluting the grey matter and turning us into sheep.  Is it cool tech? YES, Is it dangerous?  I don’t have to be told from a Stanford thinktank to provide that answer. 

Machines doing surgery and dispensing medication to ripping off (paraphrasing) my content is what we can expect. I would direct this to any HR professional when hiring an employee If you really what to know how bright an individual is. Clearly the biggest overhead any business has is their employee payroll. People are either and asset or a liability to an organization. I suggest not relying on an AI application to make those decisions. Nothing replaces a face to face to observe body language, or how well they can articulate compared to their writing abilities. 

When the novelty wears thin and the fog lifts, I do see responsible application in the future when mature decision-makers will use AI-generated content and results for betterment. At present, I can only see a flood of developers using it for lazy yielding and possibly nefarious proclivities.  

Google stands fast for rewarding relevant content and typically shines the light on reinforced interlinking densely populated original content to yet another relevant SEO related segment or post. I’ve been an advocate of authentic content from the beginning.  Borrowing or snagging someone else’s work is nothing short of stealing and Google knows all and sees all when it comes to plagiarism and spanks accordingly when discovered.

So we provided our EIN and company details to be on a waiting list to use it, not abuse it. 

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