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20th Annual International Business Awards

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Known as "IBAs” the International Business Awards, attracted entrepreneurs to fortune 500 level organizations worldwide. The 2023 competition took in over 3,700 entries from 61 nations.

2023 International Business Awards

The IBA’s also known as the Stevie® Awards, are one of the most coveted and recognized awards in our industry. Achieving honorable placement for best in engineering, design or innovative technology will find you among the ranks fiercely competing against organizations like Mastercard, IBM, Cisco Systems, Philip Morris International and Maersk to place a little perspective on some of the applicants.

WEBPRO International submitted Docuhide™ which is "The First Tamperproof Role-Based Authorization and Redaction Engine application that provides bullet-proof security and control for any document. Docuhide™ was awarded bronze for the executive summary, and video. Erring on the side of caution, we elected not to submit the application to be inspected on an international stage for obvious reasons.  Our team is delighted for the accolade and understood the requirements prior to submission. 

More than 230 executives worldwide participated on 11 juries to determine gold, silver, and bronze winners. This year we submitted our invention in the software innovation technology category.  Gala and awards will be presented in Rome, Italy at the Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, October 13, 2023.

In November of 2022, WEBPRO applied for and was granted a provisional patent from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a document security invention that addresses the biggest challenges facing every industry, whether it be medical, legal, banking, personal, or government. 

Former Microsoft employee and visionary Bennie Warshaw  noticed digital theft and malware were becoming more brazen and commonplace in the late 1990s. Failure points observed stemmed from frail infrastructure, lack of governance to weak policies. As a result of the study, a whitepaper was created on December 5, 1999 concluding, “document security was a mere afterthought. Document preservation, security, issuance architecture and audit tracking needed to be the first consideration, not the last.

Had more attention been given to forecasting the evitable, WikiLeaks and over a billion loose classified government documents would now be protected, and a digital fingerprinting would identify threat actors easily and instantly. 

The mantra for Docuhide™ is, "You can't steal what you can't see."

“We wanted something bulletproof, something that couldn’t be compromised and exceed DOD, DOJ, and every three-letter agency standard. We wanted something to surpass HIPAA, SOX, and BITS compliance and intuitive enough to have zero learning curve appeal, and did it! – Bennie Warshaw.”

Although several names are still in drydock for white-labeling, Docuhide™ seemed most apropos. 

What is it?
Docuhide™ is the first tamper-proof role-based document redaction and encryption engine for any type of digitally produced or scanned document(s). Docuhide™, is a unique application that maintains the integrity of the master or “parent” document while selectively delivering the “children” documents through a first of its kind SDL (Secure Distribution List) to vetted recipients.  Repurposing the highlighter as a hidelighter, an author can hidelight and assign any portion of any document ONLY to be read by trusted recipients with audit trailing in tow. Docuhide™ was conceived long before blockchain, or DocuSign. We are ready for production. 

Docuhide Video Overview

Document Integrity
Preserving the original state of the parent document would be crucial if ever called into court as evidence. Docuhide™ automatically generates a “pubic” blacked-out copy for open records purposes and auto-redacts credit card information, social security numbers, addresses, and other sensitive details you would need to hide. 

Redaction Software Compromised 
Redaction utilities have come in many forms, most of which have been compromised. Docuhide™ is not another masking or snippet tool for content or images proven to be catastrophic failures from Microsoft’s 11 Snippet tool and the built-in image editor on Google Pixel devices called Acropalypse. 

Feature Rich with Policy Management 
We’ve all come to know of SAS (Software as Service) based systems. Docuhide™ will be the first DAS (Document as Service) subscription for all industries and personal use to help combat ransomware, digital theft, leakage, and espionage. Several policies include calendar-driven events where the author can impose a TTL (Time to Live) or an EOL (End of Life) as to when a document can be accessed. Policy management also grants the author the ability to enable or disable recipients from saving, printing, sharing, or scraping the document(s) once received. Docuhide™ also grants the author the ability to surgically elevate or revoke anyone’s readership privileges on the fly and even destroy any document shortly or long after it’s been sent. 

The Docuhide™ Audit Trail 
Whether vaulted, archived, or destroyed, the audit trail provides just enough metadata and tracks:

When the document was sent
Who accepted the terms and conditions
Who refused the terms and conditions
Who reads the document
Who didn’t read the document
When they read the document
How long they read the document
Authorized contributors for annotations
Title, word count, date and time stamp
Active, inactive, version, or destroyed

How many times have you emailed someone you shouldn’t have?
Either accidentally or in haste, we’ve all been there and done that. 
Apple touts you can Undo Send and the message will be deleted from the recipient's feed as well as yours. This feature is only available for up to 2 minutes after the message was sent. Big deal!

What if you could stop or destroy any message and document without any time limitation after being sent?
Now you can.

eSignature and document approval like DocuSign? That was the simple part and our retention model for document vaulting is less expensive. 

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Video Overview

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