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WEBPRO.COM Launches 11th Interface

Webpro International, Inc. has officially launched its eleventh interface since our founding in November 1994.

Webpro International is pleased to announce our new and larger headquarters in Crown Point. Special attention has been given to the conference facilities, which include a state of the art Runco theater style projector on a 102 inch screen. “We have found that this has proved an invaluable asset when giving presentations to our clients as well as educating potential new clients.” stated Bill Robertson, Director of Client Services.
“Additionally, we have added staff and have enjoyed almost a 200% increase in growth and revenue over the past six months ending January 2001.” Stated Deborah Warshaw, Vice President / CFO.

The primary focus at WEBPRO.COM is to accept the challenges of our customer’s information and processing needs, subsequently render cost effective automated solutions thereby yielding improved corporate communications. This is key to ongoing client relations and future growth to any company. A great site should cover your basics and serve as a resource that can easily be updated with new content as needed. The cost savings over standard print is immeasurable over the long term, and greater focus can be directed to core business growth and activities. WEBPRO has many service offerings and web models available online for immediate perusal.


WEBPRO, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and founded in 1994, is an industry leader in the corporate web design and development arena.
WEBPRO exacts quality and repetition through the latest Internet and Intranet technologies, security, commerce, database systems, and interactive marketing.

Combined with more than 100 years in the computer, software, advertising and marketing industry, WEBPRO is one of the most experienced developers of high-end Websites, and unlike other Web presence providers, WEBPRO offers the strength, reliability, dedication and experience of an international organization delivered at the local level, close to customers.
Proud members of the Better Business Bureau, Charlotte Chamber, Matthews Chamber, North Carolina World Trade Association, and Charlotte World Trade Association.

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