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How to best use Google Bard AI Chat Feature

Using Google Bard AI for Creative Writing

The initial few minutes using Google Bard AI was found to be nothing more than pile of regurgitated paraphrased content.  Then I noticed Bard AI selectively pulled from the beginning of my comments and attempted feedback. Bard AI delivers paraphrased commentary and does learn as it moseys along.

Google Bard AI

I'm convinced Google's AI team force-fed Bard the thesaurus by Merriam-Webster because it substitutes one adjective for another then starts paraphrasing itself to death by offering you with three alternative drafts.

I must admit it's a little fun and reminds me when the magic 8 Ball was all the rage in the 70's. 

Magic 8 Ball

If you have an opportunity to use Bard AI, start by challenging it with more questions and notice the results; it may surprise you. If a dog is a reflection of its owner, then Bard is a reflection of your writing style. With that said, instead of snapping back, Bard AI takes a spooky yet dignified position when responding if it’s challenged, particularly if accused of doing something as noted in it's response below.

I suggested the following:

"I can see a flood of developers using AI applications like Bard AI for lazy-yielding writing to churn book deals and most certainly lean toward nefarious proclivities like hacking for example. There's also evidence Bard AI borrowed language and code from ChatGPT. "

Bard's response.

I haven't used it enough to determine if Bard AI is consuming (learning) my tonality as well as structure. Since everyone's style is unique, my writing leans toward framing a story in the traditional sense but I prefer to deliver a punchline to make a memorable point.  If you deliver an adamant statement, Bard will choose to agree with you if plausible. 

It’s easy to see where Bard AI and Chat is headed in the near future but for now Bard is (DRAFT 1 “trying”, DRAFT 2, "attempting",  DRAFT 3 "hoping" ) to be a learning tool adapting to the writing style of the individual. Bard isn't disruptive, it's newer adaptive learning tech. If you’re not satisfied with Bard’s results then look to the person feeding it information. In other words, garbage in, garbage out. 

I wouldn’t go so far as to call Bard "Erector Set Tech" but more of a tinker toy with promise. If you are looking to Bard as a surrogate for creative writing, I’m here to inform that talent must come from you. 

Below, I addressed human resources when hiring a person then granting AI complete decision making authority. 

If you’re out for a quick buck or to abuse Chat GPT or Bard AI to cut in line and slither to the top of the search engines by ripping off like-minded content from real SEO professionals, then chances are you’ll be spanked as a Blackhat eventually.

Comments from the Verge posted,"  Google’s Bard hasn’t exactly had an impressive debut — and The Information is reporting that the company is so interested in changing the fortunes of its AI chatbots, it’s forcing its DeepMind division to help the Google Brain team beat OpenAI with a new initiative called Gemini. The Information’s report also contains the potentially staggering thirdhand allegation that Google stooped so low as to train Bard using data from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, scraped from a website called ShareGPT. A former Google AI researcher reportedly spoke out against using that data, according to the publication."

Here's my take away where writing is concerned,  if you intend to use Bard AI as an accomplished writer, I can appreciate where a seasoned wordsmith may want to appreciate multiple drafts of their own work for cross-comparative purposes and for A B testing cases. Will it help you consider alternative articulation? More than likely.

It's true what they say if you want to improve your game no matter the application. Find someone better than yourself to learn from or play with. Golf is a prime example. If you don't, chances are you'll never be any better than you are unless you keep trying. Otherwise, you'll be a Putt Putt writer.

If creative writing is your goal, the first rule is to be yourself, the second should be practice but above all, don't use AI-generated jargon to rob you of your own creativity or someone else's hard work.

I'm looking to the day, when the internet places AI-generated content in one bucket and professional writers, reporters, scientists, and professors in another or there will be a mass of synthetic disinformation and plagiarism. 

Perhaps we'll return to those things we used to call books. Schools have taken cursive and writing away children. That's a monumental mistake!  Years ago, pen and pencil sets were presented as gifts to encourage writing and creative thought, now it's recording devices.

Where will the mental dilution stop?

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