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SEO Ingredient - Website Response Time - Search Marketing Speed

Search Marketing Speed

This quote is from The Need for Speed by Jakob Nielsen that was written in 1997 and it's still valid today.

"If you can serve pages in a slightly over a second or less (the whole package: DNS lookups, processing time, assets loading), that's ideal. In real life not many websites can boast this kind of speed."

A large company that specializes in domain name hosting will have thousands of domains on single server. Basically this means it will take longer for a spider or Googlebot to wait in line to get in and index your website. Every second or more precisely millisecond counts because the faster the spider has independent access to your domain, the faster it can get back to the mother-ship and load your website information. This is one of many important ingredients of how your website gets indexed. What we are describing is Server Response Time.

Don't be rude to Google

Think of it this way, Google is a potential guest ringing the doorbell of your home. It all depends how fast you are (your server) able to open the door. The longer you make it wait then the LOWER your website will list on the totem poll on the search engines. Make sense? The best analogy I can give you when finding a niche hosting solution is the difference of having your WEB address take ride on public transportation as opposed to a corvette. I don't know of any city buses like GoDaddy that can out perform a corvette like WEBPRO. Of course, GoDaddy is much bigger and can afford to cram more people on the bus. This is one of the reasons why they can afford to host so cheaply. If NOT being found on the search engines isn't a priority then you should have no complaints. WEBPRO was designed as a fully managed alternative to in-house programmers, designers and so-called marketing experts for companies looking to create hard dollar savings and increase their find-a-bility.

WEBPRO is a offers a rational approach to spending visibility. We all talk about how important key ingredients are in making something good. Like baking a cake, there's more than one ingredient. It's the sum of all parts that makes a solid recipe. Remember, there's no short cut to marketing a website successfully and if any SEO company would have you believe in an easy bake oven solution then you'd be better served to save your money.

The factual report above was researched on (An Amazon Company) in order to justify this article. The only items that were added were bunnies and turtles.

Getting Started

The journey begins by learning every facet of your business. By doing so, we become more creative with search marketing as well as developing efficient tools your users will appreciate.


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