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WCCB FOX 18 of Charlotte interviews WEBPRO

Webpro International, Inc., was contacted, in regards to e-business success and failures by Kristen Hartman of WCCB Fox TV. The true scope of the story, which in its entirety, was not reported as is common practice by news media organizations. The CEO and founder, Mr. Bennie Warshaw, of Webpro International Inc., was asked to comment on brick and mortar retail stores versus e-business enabled firms.

The true heart of the story is that, “if you build it they may not necessarily come.”

Products on occasion are not delivered in a timely manner and customers are still concerned about secured socket layers through the transaction process, not to mention initially companies must first be found through aggressive marketing and proper site maintenance.

WEBPRO specializes in many areas of web design, development, marketing and hosting. After years of perfecting and building brand recognition for various clients and formulating a methodical and well thought out process through time tested trial and error we have maintained ongoing long term fruitful and prosperous business partnerships with clients that are leaders in their respective fields with names such as Natural Selection Gallery, Harper Corporation, Pictorico, Crime Scene Clean Up, The National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association; a.k.a. NGMA, The Pedestal, and Zimbabwe South Travel just to name a few.

These great companies represent a fraction of the various companies that depend upon Webpro International’s expertise in the web industry. Moreover, WEBPRO has sustained a consistent growth when other companies have closed the doors because either a new start up has ran out of VC dollars, improper site construction and maintenance or probably the first rule of Business 101, service.


WEBPRO, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and founded in 1994, is an industry leader in the corporate web design and development arena.
WEBPRO exacts quality and repetition through the latest Internet and Intranet technologies, security, commerce, database systems, and interactive marketing.

Combined with more than 100 years in the computer, software, advertising and marketing industry, WEBPRO is one of the most experienced developers of high-end Websites, and unlike other Web presence providers, WEBPRO offers the strength, reliability, dedication and experience of an international organization delivered at the local level, close to customers.
Proud members of the Better Business Bureau, Charlotte Chamber, Matthews Chamber, North Carolina World Trade Association, and Charlotte World Trade Association.

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