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Website Auditing

Well beyond the ability of analytics, web auditing is part of how we measure the fitness and performance of your website. Websites under our care must pass a health check before being released, after which they are monitored 24/7 for the life cycle of the project. Without an auditing system in place, we wouldn’t be able to react to the algorithmic changes Google releases monthly.

We evaluate a website’s health score by the 4 S's - Search, Speed, Security, and Safety - to determine if any correction is needed. The last thing anyone needs is someone like Google scolding your site before you can correct the problem and get back on track.

Older versions of WordPress can retard a website’s ability to respond quickly or become vulnerable to hacks if not patched regularly. You won’t know specifically what the problem is unless WEBPRO conducts a thorough website audit. You can’t treat the problem if you don’t have the right diagnosis.

Getting Started

The journey begins by learning every facet of your business. By doing so, we become more creative with search marketing as well as developing efficient tools your users will appreciate.


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