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Cutting Your AdWords Budget

This is dedicated to any company struggling with Google Marketing.

If you're frustrated with AdWords, you're not alone.

It wouldn't be so bad if there was a real person you could talk with at Google but personal services doesn’t seem to be a part of their business model. Image that. Where else would you be willing pay a lot of money on a monthly basis and never speak with the people that are taking it? You wouldn’t; but you are. Many have tried to speak with a representative but sadly the end result is receiving an unintelligible email that leaves you with more question marks than answers. They employ over 26,316 people and yet not one of them has ever called me or any of our clients back to help. The AdWords environment in my opinion is more of a Badwords environment because all of the confusing options. You're pressured into selecting everything you can in a sloppy expensive effort to draw traffic. This is precisely why we thought it would be a good idea to talk about helping you cut your AdWords monthly expense by 70% and still get better results.

Sound good? I bet it does. But there are a few things you need to know before your start turning off your AD campaigns. If you are spending over $1000.00 a month with Google (which is easy to do) then this may be one of the more important articles you'll read. You can also listen to this article on our radio show. There are certain principals that hasn't changed even before the advent of Badword advertising. Some of the key points I’m going to cover are worth considering especially if you been thinking how to support and promote the more critical areas of the web initiatives; you may even consider a fully managed solution that would save even more money.

So, how do to trim your AdWord budget and achieve higher CTR - “Click Through Rates”?

If you are getting the clicks and not the conversions then you may have a more serious problem. I would recommend a real web professional with a proven history conduct a comprehensive web audit and itemize the potential threats. You’ll need a company to be brutally honest with you regarding your delivery tactics. Bad news isn’t pleasant but in order for the drill to be effective, you first need to trust the recommendations of a company that can prove their work by giving live demonstrations. In order to see what an audit looks like you can safely download it right on our site. Go to the SERVICES menu at the top and click on the WEB AUDIT link.

There are 5 basics in web delivery which encompass design, development, hosting, maintenance and marketing. This is what we define as fully managed web services. Assuming the basic 5 has already been addressed and satisfied it will boil down to organic placement.

Simply put, achieving a high organic placement or natural listing has a higher trust factor in click through rates over Google AdWord campaigns for most businesses. Forrester Research confirms by declaring 84 to 85 percent of the B2B and B2C decision makers depend on the organic listings over sponsored ads. The question is how do you prepare your site for success? Let’s assume that you’re successful and the majority of potential customers are coming to your site. What will they see and can they find their way around fast enough to make an informed decision?

We've been able to modify most any website but there can be limitations on your preexisting website environment. Some are flexible but canned packages are typically not. Websites and real estate have a lot in common. It’s about location, location, location. To us, that means hosting speed and search engine placement.

With that said, seek a fully managed solution with proper guidance that can show you how to recirculate your marketing dollars more effectively by designing a website to include a bevy of services that will achieve an organic listing cost effectively. Your conversion rates will be much high and the cost per click will be predictable without getting into a bidding war.

Getting Started

The journey begins by learning every facet of your business. By doing so, we become more creative with search marketing as well as developing efficient tools your users will appreciate.


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