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Beware of Google Voice Scamming

Being owned by scammers and cats.

Sometimes it's difficult to get the creative going. If you are a cat owner, you know what I mean. Memow or Mr. Me loves to lay across my arm. Thankfully my dog doesn’t do that. So back to the facts.

Ran across an article that came fresh from “Office of Inspector General” on the Federal Trade Commission’s website dated October 29, 2021 reminding everyone it’s Cyber Security Awareness month. Good thing Google keeps important articles current. Where the hell have, they been? In other words, don’t worry about any other form of scams or cybercrime for the next eleven months – we’re safe!

Reminds me of the song, “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you”. Google and our government keeping everyone including the border secure. I sure sleep better a night. I'm sure I have a sarcastic expression somewhere from Mr. Me.

If you are taking notes, we should be on guard and understand some of the tricks scammers use to steal our personal information. If there’s one constant among scammers, it’s that they’re always coming up with new schemes, like the Google Voice verification scam. Have you heard about it? 

Here’s how it works.
Scammers target people who post things for sale on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. They also prey on people who post looking for help finding their lost pet.

The scammers contact you and say they want to buy the item you’re selling — or that they found your pet. Just before they agree to buy the item you’re selling or returning your pet, they usually hesitate. 
One of the ways they get you is by quickly building trust stating, “I’ve heard of so many bogus listings and would like to verify you’re a real person. Or they might say they want to verify that you’re the pet’s true owner.
Then they’ll send you a text message with a Google Voice verification code asking you for that code. If you give them the verification code, they’ll try to use it to create a Google Voice number linked to your phone number. Google Voice gives you a phone number you can use to make calls or send text messages from a web browser or your smartphone.

Seems harmless enough right? WRONG!
The scammer might use that number to rip off other people and conceal their identity. Sometimes these scammers are after a Google Voice verification code and other information about you. If they get enough of your information, they could pretend to be you to access your accounts or open new accounts in your name.

No matter what the story is, NEVER share your Google Voice verification code — or any verification code — with someone if you didn’t contact them first. That’s a scam, and you need to report it at

If at any time you think you’ve given someone you don’t know a Google Voice verification code, follow these steps (How to Reclaim your Voice number). Google certainly won't help you because there is no one to call.

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