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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing should be called emotional marketing. This type of marketing turns on the feel-good-buy-me-now button that's built into every consumer. The goal of influencer marketing is selling based on emotion, not the facts.

Long before Subaru got the idea to place a dog behind a steering wheel, Nissan first kicked it into gear back in 1998 with the mantra "dogs love trucks". Their influencing brilliance paid off by outpacing Ford and Chevy.


See what we're saying?

Incidentally, the stars of the Subaru commercials were rescued from a Minneapolis shelter kind of like Chuck in the picture above. We first saw Chuck thumbing on the side of the road and offered him a lift. He said he crapped out in Vegas and needed a grubstake. We told him we were having pot roast so he hopped in our Subaru.

See what we're saying?

Influencer marketing needs a keen sense of timing and a holistically funny punchline everyone can relate to. If you know someone who’s inventive, tells a good yarn or has a National Lampoon sense of humor – you’d be wise to use them.

Think Subaru makes a better SUV just because dogs drive them?

Sure they do!


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