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Lawyer Marketing

If you think you’re spending too much money with Google AdWords you’re not alone.  Your marketing budget for the whole year can easily dissipate within weeks if your PPC campaigns are being mismanaged by a “yellow page service”.

PPC advertising for lawyers is unfortunately needed but we’ve learned valuable lessons you need to know before your start or “they” will spend your money like it was water. Yellow page directory services love accident injury lawyers and workers’ comp attorneys because they know what an average injury settlement yields. They safely assume you can afford to throw as much money in their direction so they load the cannon with as many campaigns as possible in order to attract more traffic to the ads they place for a higher CTR or click thorough rate.  Cha-Ching!

Pay Per Click PRO’s and CON’s

Directory services can provide a dedicated number to potential clients to click and call you directly without hitting your website. The CON for allowing a 3rd party controlling your AdWords lawyer marketing is comparing or proving the accuracy of their monthly report to your actual inbound call volume and your ability to track it. Many years ago, Bell South provided our company with a dedicated number and the call volume was constantly disputed every month. We discovered quickly - OK maybe not as quickly as we would have liked – that we were wasting more time arguing with Bell South than the service was worth so opted not to renew program due to the lack of transparency.

SEO is a Partnership

If you’re the type of attorney or law firm that only gives advice and won’t take constructive direction how to build a stable organic placement, then keep writing those checks blindly to the yellow pages and hope for the best.  We’ve overcome many marketing challenges in the past however, the biggest obstacle is when the client won’t do their part of the part-ner-ship.

Local Pack Rankings Check List

There are several things you can to increase your ranking and market your business on Google Maps.

  • Verify your Google Places Information

  • Get Google Reviews

  • Properly Categorize Your Business

  • Embed a Google Map on Your Website

  • Optimize the Listing Description

  • Use a Local Telephone Number

  • Add Photos to the Listing

Getting Started

The journey begins by learning every facet of your business. By doing so, we become more creative with search marketing as well as developing efficient tools your users will appreciate.


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