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Building Your Mobile & Marketing Strategy for 2013

Have you considered your mobile marketing strategy for 2013? Consumer related search continues at an unprecedented pace for 2013. The explosion of smartphones, iPads and tablets makes the office more portable, convenient and easier for the executive level decision maker to do their own searching rather than delegating. These notable conclusions predict a pivotal year for national brands to redesign and organically optimize for local and national search engine retrievals for mobile devices. Although national mobile marketing and placement is equally important, local mobile is trending strongly for the rest of 2013. As consumer search trends become more pronounced, national brands need to engage seasoned web developers and proven SEO experts to prepare for the following:

Search Growth

Ed Parsons from Google declared that 1 in 3 Google searches have local intent. A study by BIA/Kelsey predicts that the local search industry will double in size by 2016. WEBPRO has seen a 60/40 split in mobile local search and stationary or desktop. The reason for this is quite simple - we’re mobile. Throughout 2013, local search will remain the most critical channel for brands to reach local shoppers and drive in-store sales. Thanks to wireless carriers feeding Google your signal, Google simply geo-locates you and your device then auto-positions your “local search provided you haven’t altered location settings for your browser.

Think Partner, Not Vendor

The old saying goes “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”. Well, Google knows where you’ve been and most likely where you’re going thus making mobile marketing and web redesign a warm reality for brand managers- and we have the advanced analytics to prove it. Those that prepare for the trend can only stand to benefit so long as a long-term web partner is seriously considered to assist with solid planning and execution. We’ve already seen some clients trending over 70 percent of their incoming traffic from mobile search alone. We have measurable proof that Google is attracted to our web coding which automatically detects the users’ device and accommodates the best experience for that session. We coined the phrase “Building Smarter Websites” ™ back in 1994 without knowing how relevant it would become. With our “responsive mobile designs” it becomes clearer every day that Google is welcoming competent web delivery and is rewarding our websites with first page placement.

It’s Better on Top

Our clients have enjoyed being in the top 1 percent for years and as a result of trading their PPC (Pay Per Click) costs for our organic placement has resulted in saving over 26 Million dollars for just a hand full of clients that would have otherwise deluded their marketing dollars by solely depending on AdWords alone. Brands looking to reach the next generation of connected consumers are coming to realize that the main reason they are forced to go the way of the lemming is because their website wasn’t perfected by a disciplined developer and professional SEO marketer. These talents must work in concert in order to achieve a higher page ranking and provide a friendly user experience.

Proactive Lead Generation

How does one makes sense of the deluge of traffic and use analytics as a conversion tool? After the site is launched, WEBPRO provides a triple layer agent reporting engine onto your corporate website. One of those layers emails the traffic and trends every morning and the other uniquely identifies and also emails you the company name, points of contacts for each department, annual sales, contact numbers and location – even if they don’t fill out a form on your website. Proactive lead generation allows for you to harvest potential business you would never had. Until now, there hasn’t been a “sniffer tool” that would allow you to scrape more meat off the bone to build your bottom line.

Getting Started

The journey begins by learning every facet of your business. By doing so, we become more creative with search marketing as well as developing efficient tools your users will appreciate.


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