Very few web businesses are truly serious about their website. Ask yourself, is your website is an integral part of your business? How does it look? Is it indicative of the way you run your business? Is that what your customers are saying or thinking?
Just how important is perception?
Then why continue to use cheap, noncompliant and outdated products or people to make your online presence? Did you build your business out of straw or brick? I�ve seen hotdog stands with better structure and purpose. In fact,
�Ernie�s Hotdog Stand� is the perfect analogy to use when creating a good website.
Fast and friendly:
You have the cart, your choice of dogs and all the condiments arranged nicely and conveniently, all in plain eyesight.
Up sell to your customers before they checkout. Wanna Coke with that?
Zona Research and Forester sites that 9o% of business websites are dismal failures. Because they were made by in-house or out-house professionals that didn�t have the skill set or management�s vision or budget was constrained.
Web customers are looking for instant gratification when it comes to the web. Now that the novelty has worn off, you better serve "it" up hot and fast if you want to stay in the online game.
If you can�t or don't know how, then your best is to find a company that can deliver.
Common Mistakes:
  • Package deals from your 'Ad Agency, Local Directory, or Dialup Providers'.

  • Doing it yourself

  • Hiring the kid across the street.

  • Cheap is as cheap looks.

  • The question is where do you turn? If you are reading this article, then chances are you�re in the right place.
    Your website is more than a tool for your business. It is an extension of your business. Think of it this way, your website is the ambassador to your livelihood.
    Your online business must have the politically correct image, flow, behavior and engagement to promote the growth of your business. Your website must be polite and offer the customer a fast and direct way of service.
    Eventually, bringing your website up to date with industry standards is a goal that will (or should) cross your to-do list. Did you know that online advertising has surpassed printed materials? There�s not a more cost effective way to build your business online the right way provided you find the right provided that can offer a turn-key service.
    The flipside is obvious.

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