Intranet Websites can plug in to your existing network
infrastructure. As a result, they leverage your network investment.

Because they operate over your existing network, Intranet Websites are easier to secure than those on the Internet. Like Websites on the Internet, Intranet Websites present a number of possibilities that can revolutionize the way you do business.

An Intranet Web site can help you:

  1. Automate business processes.

  2. Redeploy client/server solutions

  3. Disseminate information.

  4. Facilitate a collaborative culture

  5. Increase employee satisfaction.

  6. Receive feedback.

  • Automate business processes.

    Automate a variety of internal business processes on your Web site for increased

    efficiency. For example, many organizations are using Intranet Websites to automate the

    distribution and administration of internal documents, including policies and procedures,

    benefit selections, financial information, telephone lists and job postings. Electronic

    distribution eliminates the high cost of updating and distributing paper documents every

    time an update occurs.

  • Redeploy client/server

    . By redeploying client/server solutions to Websites, you

    provide universal access to information without the need to install and manage specialized

    client software. Users can access the information they need through their standard Web

    browsers. Many organizations are already redeploying client/server applications in human

    resources, accounting, sales management and executive information services onto their

    Intranet Websites. These Web-based applications are considerably less expensive to

    maintain and manage than traditional client/server solutions.

  • Disseminate information.

    Through your Intranet Web site you can disseminate internal information to employees and

    even to business partners, such as suppliers and contractors. You can use your Web site to

    present information in new and engaging ways, so your employees will be more apt to access

    the information. Your business partners will also appreciate being kept "in the


  • Facilitate a collaborative

    . Because important information flows more freely through

    Intranet Websites, it is easier for your employees to become more engaged, involved and

    interactive-within their own departments and workgroups as well as with other departments

    and workgroups.

  • Increase employee satisfaction.

    Use your Web site to keep employees informed and solicit their feedback on matters that

    are important to them. As a result, you'll build closer relationships with them.

  • Receive feedback.

    Because of its ease of interaction, a Web site can help you obtain valuable feedback

    from your employees and business partners. Use this information to improve service and

    support to these people who are so important to your business.

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