Part 1: - The Shopping Cart:
The core to any ecommerce system begins with an intelligent shopping cart setup. A shopping cart should not be something that an online consumer just places products in, but an application that they can manage without confusion.
WEBPRO knows it has achieved a cart design that incorporates these 2 principles. Buttons are well placed and perform the actions that their labels indicate. The update feature allows for the increase or decrease of individual product quantities and if the consumer desires to empty his or her cart there is no need to "0" out all the quantities, just use the convenient "Empty Cart" button.
We realize that consumers change their minds so there is a "Continue Shopping" button, no need to worry about your current cart items, the products will be there when you return. Then of course there is the "Checkout Now" button, which allows the consumer to begin the checkout process.
Part 2: - Profile Management:
One of the benefits of creating an online account is being able to manage your billing and shipping profiles at the time of checkout. The first part of the checkout process gives the consumer 3 different options. The first option is for a returning customer that has gone through the process of creating a user account complete with username and password. The second is for a new customer who would like to set up an online account. The third option incorporates the newly developed hassle free or "Stealth" shopping experience. Unlike the other two options the "Stealth" shopping option does not allow for Billing and Shipping profile management or the ability to view an account history. This will be described further in the next section.
The profile management system works by allowing the customer to add, select and modify individual Billing and Shipping profiles "on-the-fly" as they verify their order information. No time is wasted by having to back track through several screens. The name of each profile for the user’s account is displayed in a drop down menu. Adding or Modifying a profile will automatically take the customer to the appropriate screen for fulfilling the action requested. Once the operation is completed the customer is returned to the verify order screen where the profile information is updated automatically based on the last action taken.
Part 3: - "Hassle Free" Shopping:
"Hassle Free" or "Stealth" shopping is the third option presented to the customer when they begin the checkout process. Unlike the other two options this option does not give the customer the ability to manage their billing and shipping profiles or the ability to view an account history. Removing the billing and shipping profile functionality reduces the amount of time needed to complete an order and also keeps the amount of information stored about the customer to a minimum. Another function that is removed when choosing the "Stealth" shopping option is the ability to view an account history.
Because the "Stealth" method of shopping allows you to checkout without creating an account there really can be no account history to view. WEBPRO has taken a streamlined approach regarding the hassle free "Stealth" shopping part of the e-commerce system. No username and password to forget, no email solicitations and no profiles that needs to be managed. A customer also has the added security of knowing that the information that is stored regarding their order is in an area independent of the registered account holders just so there is never a security issue.
We make it a point to identify the work needed to get the job done and base our proposals fairly and competitively.

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