Cyber-terrorism may cause one to contemplate,
"How valuable is my data?"
The intent of most experienced hackers is not to destroy your data, but rather gain constant access to it by setting up a permanent backdoor for themselves. The data contained within internal networks around the world is completely different in most cases, but the purpose of an internal network remains the same...
To keep unauthorized individuals out!
Knowledgeable hackers discover vulnerabilities in server software, Website scripts and networking technologies. New vulnerabilities are often traded amongst hackers for other knowledge, account passwords and the like. Occasionally, someone will write a program which exploits a new vulnerability almost automatically - and such programs often find themselves in the hands and on the hard-drives of malicious kids who lack the knowledge to create them, but who do understand what they can do.
Most Internet attacks are performed by these "script-kids", children with little understanding of computer networking or programming. They will use readily available scanning tools to sweep large blocks of IP address space locating computers to attack. One night's scanning while sleeping can easily net thousands of vulnerable systems.
More to detailed information on our methodology of network security testing to follow.

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