SEO SNAKE OIL book to be released this year.
After being in business for 17 years, we've been asked on more than one occasion to present a manual for safe coding practices, web hosting disciplines and web design theory. Arguably, all are incredibly important to the life cycle of an application and web project. A one size fits all; off the shelf solution isn't applicable or practical for progressive businesses anymore because of the demands and expectations of the viewing audience. Someone's definition of viral application, video or website may not be the same on a grander scale. Without proper research, your initiatives may meet a disastrous and costly end.
The one element that always surfaces that binds all the aforementioned properties together successfully is marketing. Placing marketing initiatives into motion at the right time is critical and understanding reach, demographics, acceptance and conversion is part of it however, these are only some of the ingredients needed to "bake the cake" successfully.
The book will cover twenty chapters of needful instruction that has purposely been un-jargoned for management's appreciation. Simple solutions and diagrams in simple English without cloaking the science and art in meaningless rhetoric.
The book will cover successful documented case studies as well as historical classic blunders that need to reference before launching your next project. We'll be highlighting Lifecycle Planning Concepts as well as Do's & Don'ts and methods for Organic Search Marketing that will save tens of thousands of marketing dollars. We also have a dedicated section on the proper targeted use and frequency for PPC. We'll also have a killer spreadsheet tool that will keep your project and management on track for cost and return. While we are still reviewing the manuscript we can be reached anytime to service, rescue or guide your program.

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