"Over 92% of corporate websites have the shadow of poor design and delivery"
Ask yourself this question, who suffers?
A web design firm has to be as aggressive as the professional agency that puts these marketing / brochure materials together. Search engine placement plays a tremendous role in furthering the branding of the company and its identity.
It doesn't include commerce or database development, which falls under programming which is yet another important function of the web. First you establish the business, communicate its values, culture, identify key concepts then sell.
Your objective for your company to demonstrate its ability to access capital markets while reducing its capital cost.
Investor Relations is the practice of marketing the investment characteristics of a public or privately held company.
The competition for corporate attention grows dramatically by an ever-expanding global marketplace. A good investor relations web is increasingly important to the public eye. Effectively building brand recognition and equity online is more important today than the day before.
Senior management is finding that it's no longer possible to continue company growth cost effectively in regards conventional advertising. Printing costs and other broadcast media is considerable. I'm sure you would agree. These mechanics are extremely important, so long as your website's image is consistent with your printed materials, radio and TV.
Remember, there are 4 channels of media distribution not 3. Although looking at most online businesses makes me wonder.
A Tier Two or Secondary Medium
How can you tell when someone reads or throws away you brochure?
The first rule in physics says, "If it can't be measured, it doesn't exist". With a website you can.
Printed media can't tell your marketing department how many people looked at your media kit, printed materials or how long it took them to read it.
In order to be successful with media today, your web delivery must be timed with conventional distribution.
A company image needs to have extensive polished product information. Under estimating your web presence, as most companies do, is a big mistake. Management is famous for dabbling in the arts of web site development, which clearly is not their primary focus and it shows. But that's OK. Management actually accomplishes two things at this point. For one, they get the job done cheaply and the perk is that the corporate image and credibility sufferers.
Such a deal.

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