Unfortunately, defending your identity these days is more of an art form. The simple pleasures we took for granted some 15 or 20 years ago like crumbling up you postal mail, statements and such are gone.
The human debris that climbs into your trash can destroy your credit; assume your identity and put your life on hold indefinitely and their getting a whole lot smarter.
I like to refer to them as “Cyber Scum”.
Now that you’ve been put on alert that there’s a growing problem, you may want to take out a little insurance just incase. WEBPRO was invited to partner with one of the first organized insurance company’s online in business that focuses primarily on “Identity Theft”.
WEBPRO International & Idenity Safeguards is now offering
comprehensive Identity Theft Protection Plans to reduce risk for its members. They discover identity theft the moment it occurs. They even offer protection tests that determine a member's vulnerability to theft.
Afterwards a personal protection plan is developed for the customer based on their results. WEBPRO & ID Safegaurds goes to work for you on your behalf battling the credit card companies, and talking to the incompetents of the world so you won’t have to.
This is the new “Triple A” of services for the millennium.
It doesn’t cost that much for an individual account or a family plan.
It’s like having a flat on the side of the road and you've just found out you don’t have a spare. When you need it, you really need it.
Their service will prove to be a beckon in the night for people that that fall prey to the bad guys on the web or the human debris that dives in your dumpster.
Even a person that takes every possible precaution can still become a victim of identity theft, and repairing the damage is painful and time-consuming.
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