WEBPRO International has created a system that attracts customers and vendors. The buying power incentive creates a loyal customer and vendor base to any company online.
Every time a purchase is made through WEBPRO's e-commerce package, points are collected and added to the user or membership profile. The points (you the administrator set the point value) then can be redeemed upon the customers next purchase or any purchase thereafter.
Price Wars and Lost Profits
Most companies have to deal with an eventual pricing war to stay competitive. Unfortunately, our research has found that cutting price points isn't the answer. Customers and Vendors alike are always looking for a deal and the first response from the distributor is to cut price.
A question we put to distributors in manufacturing, automotive, medical and consumables revealed that it's cheaper to give product away rather than cut pricing across the board.
In Place and Working Successfully
Pictorico Inkjet Media is a continued success. WEBPRO was tasked to create a purchase incentive program for PICTORICO's customer base. While respected online giant AMAZON.COM was busy increasing the cost of PICTORICO's products, WEBPRO was launching it's rewards program to a new and pre-existing customer base.
Taking the Lion's Share
AMAZON has something called "Advantage Program", but clearly the advantage is theirs for listing and selling your products online. It's a good starting place for the would-be first-timer but it's going to cost you. Amazon states "There is an annual fee of $29.95. So far so good but here's the catch, their commission rates are 55%.
This stings a bit however, they feel justified because they command impressive surfing exposer.
Who's buying and at what percentage?
WEBPRO felt by introducing the "Customer Points System" we could obtain higher customer retention and on-going loyalty. By the end of the first month of the the release of the new ecommerce points system, we found that not only were people leaving AMAZON to come to PICTORICO but joining the membership rewards program, i.e.; our "Customer Loyalty System" for future value.
If you are old enough to remember "Green Back Stamps or S&H stamps, the rewards system was based on that very incentive.
Numbers Don't Lie
Combined with our ability to effectively build brand recognition through search engine placement coupled with our rewards program. Average orders have increased from 6 to 8 products per order and return purchases were more than 52%.

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