Unlike the steak I had last night. FRONTDOOR.COM was seasoned and marketed to perfection. The domain name FRONTDOOR.COM has been sold before going to auction as predicted last June.
As part of WEBPRO’s agreement, the buyer’s identity has been sequestered.
All we can say it wasn’t Kevin Ham!
Since the announcement of the domains’ availability, the sale only took 35 days before a qualified suitor made an acceptable offer.
A certified letter of intent was presented the following day and a virtual handshake and price was accepted.
WEBPRO would like to thank all participants that made bids for purchase. Most of all, we deeply appreciate the caliber of people that were directly involved with the sale. Your generosity and professionalism is a model all businesses should adopt.
This exercise is a pure example of pinpoint marketing which only goes to prove that experience, budget and patience are the major components to a successful delivery. Whether a domain name or a fully functional website, the value proposition has to be illustrated and maintained for future and present clients.
…… If you ever wondered if a website is a service or a product, consider it to be both.
Just think of it as the ambassador to your livelihood. To your customer the web is a two prong proposition. Once they arrive, you must deliver perception then close with value.
Failing to do just that, you’ve only managed to join the ranks in creating another ubiquitous glass brochure.
Most respectfully,
WEBPRO International Inc.

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