In less than 10 years, North Carolina has lost more than 160,000 jobs, primarily in the furniture and textiles industries where free trade policies have encouraged overseas job flight. Our President should hold and protect our collective economy by setting higher tariffs on outsourcing outside our borders. Our economy is in shambles because we're too busy cutting a buck feeding everyone else yet we wonder why we can't feed ourselves.
We need a damn good CEO and a President rolled into one. Would you really care if Lee Iacocca were a Democrat or a Republican?

For instance, North Carolina was responsible for the production of 80% of the furniture market in the US. It's less than 10% now.

In regards to Software / Hardware Manufacturing and Technical Support Outsourcing:
Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Bank of America has gone to overseas.

Homeland Security Projects:
The federal government will award $85 billion in large IT contracts--valued at $500 million or more--over the next three years, and 40% of those so-called "Sensitive Projects" will go directly to India.

All rerouted to India. A country that has been notorious for using zero standards for security yet Bank of America, Microsoft and American Express all use India for software development. Just imagine a country that are the gatekeepers and the key holders to our private information.

Healthcare Technologies:
HIPAA regulations are immediately lost the second we outsource it to a country that doesn't have any controlled standards. The outsourcing of IT services to India started to gain momentum during the Y2K scare. Today, more than 300 of the Fortune 500 companies outsource some part of their technology and business processes to India.
The healthcare industry, however, has been slow to adopt this trend but it's on the rise. The "Next Internet" if you will opportunity.

The Gartner Group did a study a while back and said 60% of healthcare organizations will outsource more than half of their IT operations by 2007. Coupled with an increase in outsourcing of business processes, this creates a large opportunity for offshore providers tapping the healthcare market.
Personally, I think our economy and its' apathetic voting population are in a state of entropy. It would take more than John Wayne and Lee Iacocca to stop "corporate" from selling our economy down the river and a "President" with enough courage to reinvest in what made this country great.
We let the outsourcing floodgates go unchecked and it looks like there's no stopping it. Nothing is sacred anymore. Just go by an American flag and you tell me what is printed on the little gold foil.

Opportunity is abound and good service and intelligent products to intelligent consumers is always key. I refuse to devalue my company, its' service or her product by selling on the cheap. So long as you can stick it out and don't give in, you stand a good chance of making it.
I attribute my success to my father who broke his back feeding 2 families. He didn't bend either.
On the other hand it's hard to tell people that have been working the same job for 20 plus years to find another vocation after it has been outsourced overseas.
What are they qualified to do now?
What assistance will our government provide them to help maintain or increase their standard of living dignity or pride?

You'll find most of the older generation isn't looking for a handout. They’re just looking for solid work.

Ask any senior citizen that had to make ends-meet how they really feel when they slip on that little blue vest to greet you at the entrance of WalMart. Before you say how WalMart is one of the largest employers in the US, think about the 73% of their product line. Where does it come from?

There should be a punishment and reward system to keep our economy in check. It should be the sacred duty of every American business small and large to protect it. But for now small business don’t stand a chance anymore and from where I sit, the “American Dream” has a little gold foil stuck to the bottom of it and it proudly says “made in China”.
Shame on us.
So as we continue to feed the WalMart's (cancer) of the world it will surely bite the hand before long.

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