Well the inevitable has come. The statistics are in and it’s no surprise to business owners why yellow page directory service is no longer effective.
Consumers are simply NOT using telephone directories like we used to. Customers that need to find a solution quickly go the internet from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.
It's Become Second Nature
If your business does not show up on the 1st page of their favorite search engine, the reality is the customer is going to send business to your competitor instead. I think you would agree that there is more traffic searching online than in a yellow page directory.
Feedback from clients who have advertised with Yellow Pages:
1) Limited phone calls from ads; no corporate calls.
2) People that did call were low quality, advice seekers and solicitors that wastes business owner’s time.
3) 96% of business owners I spoke with agreed that Yellow Page advertising is grossly overpriced.
4) Yellow Page Directory customer service is nonexistent and pointless to speak with if you have an incorrect listing or wrong ad placement which has happened more than 7 occasions with us. The best you can hope for is a reduction in your monthly statement. Meanwhile, if your phone number is wrong or location, you can be out of business until next publication. Next year?
5) 98% of our clients had less than a break even after a 2 year listing with YP.
6) No way to measure activity through paper and if the directory service issues you a number to “monitor’ call volumes it’s your word against theirs.
Increase Your Local Awareness
That was the title of an email solicitation from YP regarding how you "could" build brand awareness using social media to connect with customers. That's like trying to convince Americans that Obama knows something about healthcare. Right ;-)

So if you’re stuck with a lot of tissue paper and don’t know what to do with your directory, I can tell you it makes great fertilizer for a garden or target practice. You paid for it, you decide.
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