So an advertising agent walks in your business to sell you next year’s ad in the telephone book. You know the
prices are more expensive this year because that’s how they reward you for coming back.
The cost of online advertising
Advertising expenses like the telephone book are necessary for some businesses and a waste for others.
Depending on your type of business “the local book” is the way to go. But look out, There’s the up-selling the
sucker for the online ad program yet to unfold. The ad agent may entice you with a “package deal” that includes a “Banner or Tile ad” program with cost ranging from 320.00 to over 700.00 a month. (See diagram below). This of
course is buried way back in their directory along with your competitors. I’m not so sure it’s a good deal and I’ll tell you why. No one sees it! Well no one of consequence anyway. Of course the “Yellow People” would have you believe otherwise. (note: advertising below is has been modified.)
Most business people go straight to Google to do their search. More than ever before, people are placing their trust into the natural listings and skip the “Ad Word Campaigns” altogether because (people who search know) anyone can pay their way to the top. The same logic applies with online advertising from the telephone book.
Don’t believe me? Ask your rep how to get to the top of their directory. It’s based on a point systems. Basically, the more you pay, the bigger your exposure. Some incentive...

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