With Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick and Microsoft’s acquisition of aQuantive, online marketing is getting bigger, more advanced and more expensive, but any good marketer knows that behind the bells and whistles lies the bottom line.

What really drives web browsers to take notice of a particular company’s website?

Is it full color videos that jump around the screen?
Video games with a product weaved throughout?
MySpace pages?
A Royal Oak, Michigan entrepreneur asked himself this very question and came up with a simple answer:
search engines.
You might say it is the equivalent of a virtual word-of-mouth campaign.
Truth in Advertising
Ad Agencies may use this catch-all phrase when creating a campaign for your company but the real "truth" is conversion and this only happens when consumer or customer activity is motivated by the organic listings in search engines.
A study was done (and this makes total sense) 80% of B2B and B2C buyers or decision makers trust the organic / natural listings over Pay Per Click.
Truth? I say trust.

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