Our Process

We’ll assume for the sake of debate your web initiative has been well thought out and you’ve landed a decision to either migrate or develop a new presence. Depending on the sense of urgency, the first step is to have WEBPRO perform a quick site audit which will gather all the surface information available and present positions on Google. 

Project Definition

Once WEBPRO has a solid understanding of your business objectives, a definition document is created to keep us all on track. After a clear path is established, we provide you and your team access to an easy-to-use project management utility which provides accountability, transparency and collaboration for every completed task to aging requests. 

Scope Creep

The big difference between WEBPRO and our competitors is “they” are looking for anything to crop up outside the terms of the agreement to be used as a billable item. They often label your afterthoughts as scope creep. Some companies call this feature creep and cheerfully charge for every change.  If it’s too complex, they usually call us. 

Spend Visibility

Rarely, new features do impact the deliverable of larger websites. If this happens in the middle of a project, we will perform a needs assessment. If the modification extends the timeline modestly by a few days, you’ll NEVER see an expenditure adjustment. This is another reason we cap your monthly cost.

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