By definition, web design is the design of web pages, websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, images, and other media. Web design is in contrast with web development, which includes web server configuration, writing web applications and server security.
A good lesson not creating a web design yourself is the same one that causes you to use a mechanic to fix your car engine, a plumber to redo the kitchen faucet and a tailor to shorten your pants or dress as the case may be: experts simply do a better job than amateurs.
There are some talented amateurs in the marketplace that freelance but the reality of life is that people who focus on a specific area can learn more about web design and development, gain more experience and produce better end-results than a weekend amateur or someone who buys the "How To Build It Better" web series.
Rule of thumb #1: don't hire a web design and development company whose own home page lacks luster and functionality or takes too long to load.
Remember their web design work is indicative of their talent.

If they're not living , breathing and eating "web design" stuff, they're probably not the experts you seek.
FYI:If you're reading this article then you're in the right place.

Would you go to a mechanic whose own car breaks down all the time?

Professional web page design people spend their days creating web sites, building pages, tuning graphics for fast delivery, thinking about navigation of online-information, and keeping up on the bewildering array of new products, services, and web design styles that appear on the Web. Most of them spend their nights and weekends doing this too.

Just as importantly as skills, time is always a big issue too. If you're running a business, you want to focus on your business not peripheral issues like styles of buttons on the site. You don't worry about how to install carpet in your retail outlet or what weight of paper you should use for your latest marketing brochure. Smart businesses are run by people who stay focused on the critical issues for the business - products, pricing, location - and delegate other tasks to employees or contractors.

WEBPRO helps clients successfully and strategically extend their brand equities on the web. Our core business started with application development for the office environment and extended it's talents towards the internet over 14 years ago.

Compare other web designers or companies to us. You be the judge.

WEBPRO looks at the Internet as an opportunity to redefine the business process.
Leveraging this philosophy through a web design and associated digital media, creates an investment opportunity where others see only expenses.

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Since 1994, WEBPRO has perfected Front Page Marketing that drives more qualified traffic!

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