Before you can take advantage of the full benefits of a website, you need to appreciate its untapped potential which is often overlooked.
But before getting into those areas which are just as important, lets try and keep the horse in front of the cart.
There are certainly more than four stages to laying a solid foundation for your web project; but for the typical website this means acquiring the talent of a full cycle development firm that has had enough experience under their belt to be credible. Look at their history and their willingness to be flexible.
Before blueprinting your online business it is important to consider four factors.
First, understanding your objective.
Because this is a dynamic medium, the Web has aspects similar to other media however: it can be used to disseminate information, to target specific audiences and to generate direct response. It also has many aspects that are new and different from other media.
One of the most important differences of the Web as a tier 2 medium (quickly becoming more popular than print) is its interactive nature. That makes it much more personal. To exploit interaction fully, you need to become aware of the dynamics of users' interaction with Websites.
Knowing this, you can sample data and profile your customers with accuracy. This gives you the edge you need in creating a 1to1 marketing appeal. In short it means you can customize the specific needs of your customer and they’ll love you for it. That’s good ole fashion service hi-tech style.
The second factor is to observe your competitors' Web presence.

This includes an understanding of the brands and products they are emphasizing, their promotional plans and main messages, their target audience and how they are reaching these targets. Many of your competitors probably post a wealth of information about themselves on the Web. You can use this information to learn their products and positioning. You can also evaluate their Web expertise by the quality and functionality of their Websites.
The third factor to consider is to understand the flexibility the Web.
Unlike more static media, you can quickly incorporate new ideas into your site and observe the effects of changes to content, organization and navigation.
Trend reports generated by a company that can interpret them to you are critical.
For instance, WEBPRO can tell you how long someone has viewed your information and how many times. Again, this is important because the head of your marketing department will need to know and report to you if the “campaign” or promotional is working positively or negatively.
The forth factor is to budget appropriately for marketing. Contact a WEBPRO professional for more on this article.

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