WEBPRO's New Project "Top Level Domain Names for Sale is Open for Business."
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)This is the place to move or buy some of the most valuable domain names.
No brokerage fees! Come and list your domain names privately between the "Seller" and "Buyer" with no middle-person to skim the profits.
"This will become the Robb Report of Domain Names, says Bennie Warshaw, which will be the defacto environment to purchase or post
top level domain names or TLD’s for short.
Imagine your domain name headlining in all major news engines such as Forbes, Money, Business 2.0, Yahoo and gain the attention of approximately 6800 targeted website's to bring maximum exposure for listed domain names for sale.
Top Level Domain Names or TLD’s; are truly internet real estate this year!
The domain industry is extremely hot mainly because of the lack of available DOT COM addresses. A select few sellers will be parting with TLD trifectas, meaning the three or more extensions like COM, NET and ORG will be posted as a grouped listing and set price. Each offer made by the buyer may or may not be accepted by the seller. It all depends how attractive the offer is. In any case, the “broker” or TLD agent is left out of the deal so there’s no “middleman” to get in the way. Business is conducted under your terms and conditions but don’t worry, there are resources available once you’ve logged to download and act as a guide to facilitate the trust transaction.
Things to consider before selling a domain name are:
Word Count : The shorter the better. For instance; cleintgroup.com is made of a two word count. This domain name could be used for consulting or financial markets.
Marketability : Do you think your TLD would have market share and appeal? Decide if it’s for a small, medium or large market.
Clarity: Does the domain name represent what it spells? There are many guidelines and gauges used in determining the value in a TLDN or top level domain name so the more obvious the better.
Memorable : Another key point indicator in expressing the worth of a domain name is the “Memorability Factor”. If the domain name is unforgettable then you just may have something someone may want.
The time is now!

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