Just released is new skin and functionality for 2 large sites. PleateauTel is a mid-western telco for New Mexico and Texas. ENMR•Plateau Telecommunications serves the High Plains of eastern New Mexico and northwestern parts Texas for telephone and Internet.
Plateau came to WEBPRO in the 3rd quarter of 2004 to create an easier interface for its customers and a faster way to have their customer pay their bills online as well as purchase cell phones and accessories. “Pretty much like the Verizon Wireless website, except without pulling out your hair”. says Bennie Warshaw, CEO and president of WEBPRO international.
“You'd have better luck playing "Where's Waldo" with Verizon's example. We already know what not to do so we’ll focus on something useful for the customer.”
WEBPRO’S unique Customer Loyalty Program will be activated when the ecommerce section becomes available.
Personal Note:
There's a lot to be said for being in business for over 10 years. Of course this is our core focus. Yet most large corporate websites have no concept of simple Web usability principles.

  • Cardnal rule No.1 : Never confuse or frustrate the customer.

  • Cardnal rule No.2 Don't forget Rule No. 1.

  • Please read this article on Website Failures

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