A conglomeration of finely tuned services for the forestry and woodworking industry.
“Thomas Registry ™”, Amazon ™ and CNN.com ™ all rolled into one.
That’s only part of what the Holzguild ™ will offer.

After extensive research and consulting, WEBPRO will deliver high-tech services to a new customer base. That would be approximately 1 million manufacturers and vendors and retailers that support the wood and forestry trade sector.
Take for example the drawer in your desk. Did you know it could pass through 26 processes before it becomes a finished product?
This open and paid for directory of services will become a market first affecting the way news, technical data and service calls are delivered and answered.
WEBPRO looks forward to creating a new programming standard in information technologies for the Holzguild
Small to mid-size companies will have the opportunity to accommodate the growth that will emerge from the global representation the holzguild provides. Our order fulfillment service is designed specifically to address the needs of these members.
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