In a grand supported effort from Virtual Heroes and NASA, WEBPRO was given permission to release www.Moonbase AlphaGame.com. WEBPRO was selected to design a simple yet engaging interface that didn't stray too far from Virtual Heroes present website. The only caveat was that it had to be supported by all browsers including the new Apple iPad which doesn't support FLASH and older DROID smartphones from Verizon.
Moonbase Alpha is proof of concept serious game to show how NASA content can be combined with a cutting edge- game engine to inspire, engage and educate students about agency technologies, job opportunities and the future of space exploration. Moonbase Alpha is rated "E" for everyone.
It is the first game in NASA's Learning Technologies project. The project supports the delivery of NASA content through interactive technologies such as virtual worlds, games and software applications to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, education.


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