Did you ever wonder how Google or Yahoo indexes your website?
1. Descriptive Keyword Links and Linking
Your website is like a little pond or in most cases a mud puddle.

How it works is the spider or bot follows links from one page to another much like hopping from stone to stone trying to get across, all the while taking note and indexing content as it goes.
Its goal (much like a chicken) is to get to the other side. If the links they follow contain keywords and phrases that are relevant to the content on page, the search engines will boost the ranking of that page. If you have so much as single broken link (linkrot) then chances your website just got run over or in this case "passed over".
Remember your English class rules?
Two of the seven deadly don'ts are if you didn't put a period at the end of a sentence or if you ended a sentence in a preposition, that would result is an automatic failure. Same thing with a search engine, so be careful. Barring that, you should also use keywords and phrases in the site's navigation menu as these terms are highly relevant so long as they interconnect. It takes time so be patient and this is coming from someone that had to take English twice. Period!
2. Keyword Phrases in Your Page Copy
If your goal is to inform the search engines about the content on the page and you really want it ranked, you have to spread keywords throughout that particular page. Think of it this way; you have a bare piece of dirt in front of your house and you want grass to grow. You have to cast enough seed for coverage. After a fashion, you'll figure out where the bare spots are when your lawn starts coming up. After you're done. Keep off the grass! Constantly changing your copy will only slow your results down.
And by the way, DON'T over water! It'll either look like your trying to spam the index or gibberish to a would-be customer.
3. Squeaky Clean Code and Accessibility.
Sloppy code, page errors, redirected paging and heavy graphics are just some of the big problems that impede the search engines' ability to grab your site and list it accordingly. If you are uncertain about the historical habits of your "webmaster" and you're looking for a code audit or an examination of your site, we can help.
4. Stay Focused
Logically, the more focused your content or website is the higher it will rank over time.
Blogs in our opinion is nothing more than a vehicle of self expression thus adding to an over-packed state of irrelevancy on the net. Blogs most certainly have had their day in the in sun and Google and Yahoo indexed those types of sites with frequency. However, we have seen a drastic drop in indexing because of the aforementioned. Google, more so than Yahoo is fairly good when it comes to house cleaning. It really wants to keep their search engine as clean as possible, for if it doesn't they know you'll look else where.
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