RealWebPages.com For Sale Before Auction
For Immediate Release
WEBPRO International has released another one of its prize domain names to the public before going to auction this February. (www.RealWebPages.com) can be purchased now for a mere $840k dollars US. This would include .TV, .US, .CC, .INFO, .BIZ, .BZ and MOBI, extensions. Additionally, country domain names are also to include CO.UK, .UK, .EU, .DE, .CN.
The image depicted on (www.RealWebPages.com) gives the ideal scenario for capitalizing on these rare and one of a kind domain name(s).
"As far as great domain names or advertising goes, it's a DOT COM world making RealWebPages.com a rare marketable find. If these domain(s) aren't snatched up by a city or telephone directory service before auction I'll be very surprised. This is a buy now opportunity for someone that's paying attention. Fair advertising rates would conservatively produce millions per month per city, thus attracting the smallest of businesses to the watering hole", says Bennie Warshaw CEO of (WEBPRO.COM).
We're more than confident that the domain will serve the buyer extremely well. This domain name has already been evaluated by a top domain seller and viewed as an extreme buy.
To register, please go to (www.tldoffers.com/auctions.asp) - or you may email a signed letter of intent to mailto:eventmanager@perfect.com . All requests are time stamped and taken in order. All serious offers will be contacted. All inquires will be kept confidential and the transfer of the domain name(s) kept anonymous.
First come, first serve!
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