In becoming an e-business, consider the stages your business will progress through:
  1. Computers networked on a scalable and dependable environment.

  2. Preparing to market over the Internet by developing an engaging Website with an appearance that captures the essence of your business.
  3. Planning and deploying e-commerce applications that will grow with your business and allow customers instant access to your products and services

    while enhancing the cash flow to your business.
  4. Transforming core business processes to run on your Intranet or Internet.
  5. Leveraging knowledge and information you've gained through e-business systems.
    E-Business should begin with your customers
    Customer Relationship Management is the catch phrase attached to nurturing
    your businesses' most valuable external resource, your customers. Customers are the basis of any business; you can't stream revenue unless you develop

    a loyal customer base. Start by improving every one of your current systems for customer interactions. Review how your internal business processes impact

    your customers from answering your phone to bill collection. E- business is about leveraging the Internet to integrate and transform these processes into

    a single, efficient system.

    Building customer loyalty through better customer service
    When you become an e-business you transform your relationship with your customers.

    Customer relationship management is the organizing principle that keeps all of your business processes focused on the customer. Organize your business

    team to recognize and inform your customer of changes in your business and progress in delivering their order. Your customer should become a part of

    your business process. Use auto generated e-mail to update customers as major milestones are accomplished on their account.

Electronic commerce - merging commerce systems with the Internet

Get ready to transform the way cash flows through your company. Technology will change every aspect of your revenue and cost structures from online transactions
to streamlined electronic billing and payment systems.
WEBPRO can provide you with an array of e-commerce product catalog applications
including product selection, checkout and billing.

A new channel for your products and services

When you become an e-business you also transform the way you manage your supply
chain by using the Web to integrate the complex system of vendors, employees and customers. At WEBPRO we have the in-house talent to migrate marketing, manufacturing
and financial systems into a coordinated information system, empowering vendors, employees and customers to become closer through constant communications and data

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