Have you ever been a victim of Identity Theft and not known what to do, or how to handle it? The links below are provided as a means of consumer information. If you feel that you have been a victim of Identity Theft, contact your local police department immediately.
Technology has brought us a lot of great things in the last ten years such as smarter computers and faster ways of paying for goods and services.
Unfortunately, criminals have become smarter too.
Criminals have figured out that it's easier to steal your identity and become you rather than robbing you at gun point.
Protect yourself by protecting your personal identifying information such as Social Security numbers, Driver License numbers, Bank account information, Credit Card numbers, and PIN numbers.
The tips below are just a few of many things you should consider.
1. Never have your personal information such as a driver license number and date of birth pre printed on your checks.
2. Check your credit card statements frequently to make sure that all the charges on the statement are yours. If something does not look right, call your credit card company right away...DON'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!
3. Shred statements that have any account numbers on them or other identifying information.
4. When you are out at a restaurant and pay with debit card or credit card, make sure to look at your reciept to see if the whole account number is on the reciept or just the last four digits.
If the whole number is on there, scratch through all of the numbers except for the last four digits. Once the charge has been authorized, the business only needs the last four digits.

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