Online sales are expected to increase 20 percent this year to $211 billion, according to a report by Forrester Research and Shop.org's annual “State of Retailing Online” study.
The report further calculates that online sales outside of the auto, travel and groceries categories have reached an average share of 10% of total sales.
It is clear the online sales channel has become a significant sales generator for many U.S. companies and, given the steady momentum, will continue to increase in importance over the coming years.
The report finds that online shopping has more than doubled in the last three years through 2006.
The study also found that gift cards offered by nearly half of all online retailers, and loyalty programs offered by one-third, helped boost sales. Excluding travel, 2006 sales are expected to increase 22 percent to $138 billion.
If you have an online retail operation, you’re certainly in a growth segment of the economy.
If you don’t have an online retail operation, now is the time to take the plunge.
In spite of claims of a growing economy, many people today are considering using the Internet to start a business that better suits their areas of interest and life style.
The Internet is the entrepreneurial frontier, offering new business opportunities without the boundaries and frustrations of traditional corporate jobs.

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