Best Tech Brands is making waves in the automotive market with a partnership with NASA and WEBPRO. A new fuel additive that hasn't seen the light of day in over 15 years for both gasoline and diesel will make its way to retail stores worldwide with the help of WEBPRO. WEBPRO was handpicked by Jim Scott, former marketing advertising maven and part owner of SLICK50!
"They remind me of me when I had my ad agency years ago. Bennie Warshaw is cutting edge creative and his team's turn-around time is incredible!" Love working with everyone at WEBPRO."
Synergyn’s fuel additives are real MPG boosters offering a more efficient combustion of fuel and anti-friction oil additives which reduces wear and prolongs engine life. Extensive testing with NASA has brought conclusive and astonishing results that cars and trucks are getting better than 23% better gas mileage using Synergyn!
Here's a look see what we're doing. More to come and of course, more to follow.".

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