WEBPRO International, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of the Flexographic Trade School (FTS) to our client roster.
The Flexographic Trade School was opened in May of 2000, thanks to the vision of owner Art Fields, who has been in the Narrow Web Flexo Industry for over 16 years. He has worked as a press operator, production manager and a consultant. It was while he was consulting for various companies that he realized the need for a resource that the Narrow Web Industry could turn to for good quality trained press operators, as well as training for existing personnel in the industry. The school now has over 140 member companies ranging from the likes of BASF, Mark Andy, Harper Corporation, and Avery Dennison. Every company in the Flexographic field is invited to join this fast growing organization as the benefits, are indeed well worth the cost.
The Flexographic Trade School offers a variety of programs and services to facilitate the needs of converters with their day-to-day production. “Here at F.T.S. we know how important it is to have a resource available to turn to for help, stated Art Fields.” “Whether it be a production problem or a personnel problem, we can help.”
“The school also offers training and certification and 100% job placement upon, completion of certification courses, through their vast network of member companies,” stated Bill Robertson Director of Client Services for WEBPRO International, Inc. The Flexographic Trade School offers a 3-month hands-on Flexographic Press Operator training program. The program provides employment opportunities with our members. Each student is required to pass both academic, as well as production requirements before graduating and receiving the benefits and assistance that go along with it. Each student also has to complete a minimum of 340 hours of training, a written test and hands-on exam. “I personally have witnessed first hand the good works of the school and seen the end result that benefited an associate of mine. He went from making minimum wage to being offered four positions in three different states and he simply selected which company he wanted to work with for the next two years,” stated Bill Robertson. “With the downsizing and company layoffs that have riddled the manufacturing and textile industries, as of late, the Flexographic industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Even if you are in a dead end job currently and you feel that this may be a new opportunity to change your direction, career wise, I strongly recommend contacting the FTS.”
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About the Flexographic Trade School
The Flexographic Trade School is located in Charlotte, NC, and was founded in 2000. The school has over 140 active member companies and is growing monthly. A representative of the school may be contacted at 704.504.5008. The mailing address is 13500-M South Point Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273
More information about the Flexographic Trade School may be found at http://www.weareflexo.com

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