This was WEBPRO's reply to GoDaddy.com regarding an individual that want to use their services to negotiate.
Dear GoDaddy.com
Our offer is extremely reasonable especially when you have people like Kevin Ham "The Man who owns the Internet" lurking about. This gentleman, is a brilliant opportunist who has captured countless domain names as reported by Business 2.0 last Monday.
Please advise the person to make an intelligent offer first. If it's reasonable, we will consider it just like everyone's submission.The fact that they are going through GoDaddy.com tells us they weren't resourceful enough to fill out the form as requested. We've had solid activity since our press release this past Monday June 18. Since then, the ad has appeared on the Reuters Tote Board in Times Square 5 times.
This domain name has extensive vertical market capabilities. The most alluring would be for the Home Improvement or Real Estate markets. Speaking of which, the value of FRONTDOOR.COM is certainly analogous to real estate which will only continue to increase in value.
Because of the scarcity of great domain names, people that buy products, land or nuts and bolts from large retail stores like Home Depot or Lowes are already conditioned to say or type "DOT COM".
Let's face it, it's a DOT COM world. If ICANN wasn't so restrictive on character usage or if InterNIC placed all the porn sites on an XXX instead of wasting the valued WWW, there would be less congestion and far greater opportunity for the public to salvage good domains. Unfortunately that makes too much sense and therefore won't happen.
The offers that are coming in are getting closer to the set asking and if this person wants FRONTDOOR.COM then they have only to fill out the form.
Please understand, that the buyer's privacy can not be compromised under any condition and this is precisely why WEBPRO will not enter into negotiations with a third party. If the buyer wishes to make a statement after the sale then that is course their prerogative.
Please refer to this press release regarding FRONTDOOR.COM Here.

WEBPRO International Inc.


Subject: FRONTDOOR.COM - Action Requested
Dear Domain Admin,
You are being contacted by the GoDaddy.com Domain Buy Service department, as this email address is listed as the registrant/administrative contact for the above listed domain name.
We have a client who would like to acquire the domain name and requested that the Domain Buy Service assist them.

If you would, please reply to this email and let us know the status of the domain name and the availability of its sale.
Once we have received confirmation we will notify our client and send you an email with an offer for the domain name purchase.
Thank you in advance for your correspondence. Please let us know if you have any questions and/or comments.


Domain Buy Service

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