Topic definition: Data Mining is a method of searching data with mathematical algorithms to identify trends and hidden patterns, profile customers, and then predict how these trends or customers will behave in the future.
Sub-topic definition: Customer profiling involves searching the data collected from a company's existing customers for patterns that will allow that company to make predictions about who its potential customers are and how those customers will behave.
Data Mining and Profiling through Email Campaigns is one of the many types of aggregation tools we use at WEBPRO to cross tabulate and compare products and services viewed online. We offer customized reporting configurations based on your department, customers or product requirements. Our data can be imported into any CRM (Customer Resource Management) program of your choosing by exporting our data.
Lead Generation: It's all about conversion. Gathering as much opt-in data from online forms, ecommerce sales or email campaigns is the fastest way of keeping in touch with your customer base.

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