At current rates, by the end of 2004, half of all emails will be spam. This impacts all Internet users in many ways. Home users waste time deleting unsolicited 'Get Rich Quick' schemes, and children can be exposed to the most offensive pornography imaginable. Scams and con games circulate through email daily, wreaking havoc with the gullible. Worms and viruses are often transmitted by email, sometimes-exploiting weak email clients (Outlook is notorious) and automatically executing themselves upon receipt, without the user even opening them.
Spam is bogging down corporate servers, employees are losing time sorting unwanted spam from useful business messages, and un-requested pornography. These pornographic images transmitted into emails may violate corporate Internet usage policies, and could open an unwanted lawsuit to ANY company.
Corporate virus protection software is often incomplete, and unable to keep up with the great number of new trojans and worms being disseminated via email.
How much is your corporate data worth?
WEBPRO International has the solution. Using sophisticated heuristic analysis and pattern matching, together with interactive connectivity to multiple spam monitoring databases, our email server farms can easily shield users from all forms of malware and spam transmitted through email.
Users will simply configure their client to route email through our servers, and we provide the sterilization. Your mail will sparkle!
We are proud of the ease of use of our SpamFilter product, and it's tremendous success rates. The more you use your email, the "smarter" our product gets, as our FuzzyFilter hones in on spam, while learning to leave your important email where it belongs!
Our service is currently available only to corporate clients. WEBPRO will soon have a quick-install module, which will automatically configure your preferred email client to route your email through our servers, eliminating installation effort completely - one click and no more spam and no more threat!
Spam Categories (% of total Spam)
  • Products 25%
  • Financial 20%
  • Adult 19%
  • Scams 9%
  • Health 7%
  • Internet 7%
  • Leisure 6%
  • Spiritual 4%
  • Other 3%
    Most Annoying

  • Pornography 91%
  • Mortage and Loans 78%
  • Investments 68%
  • Real Estate 61%
  • Software 41%
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