If you ever had to stand on their feet for hours on end at a tradeshow you know all to well that people who mostly attend these functions are just looking for office supplies and candy to line their pockets.
Allow me to paint the picture for you as you stand in back of your little display. You smile and say thanks for stopping by to people like my Dad and inform them there's going to be plenty of matching notebooks you can swipe at the next event to go with the fist full of pens you just slipped in your bag.
Considering the amount of money a company spends for an event all expect the biggest bang for their buck and an admirable return. If your run of the mill 20x20 booth costs X and the display itself costs Y you pray for a better than break-even.
The whole point of attending a trade show is to deliver the quintessential hook and build some stickiness. At the end of the week and thirty grand later your CFO is expecting some answers. After the dust settles, how will your efforts continue to thrive?
Anyone you engage who had the slightest interest in your products or services is going to do their due diligence and visit your website. Having your sales ability undermined by a sloppy website or even worse, playing hide and seek with the key points you discussed at the tradeshow with a client is all to familiar.
What element is going to pickup where you left off and reestablish the bond?
What will people see and more importantly how will your message translate?
Effective messaging is by far the biggest obstacle in corporate websites and collateral materials. When delivering the value proposition to a potential client, I speak plainly; not because I haven't the finesses or where-with-all to do so, indeed not. I'm quick to recognize the face of frustration; knowing fully that the person that has the power to commit won't buy-in if value statement isn't present.
Take it from me. A little sizzle goes a long way in your visual approach. It's not just the perception of the delivery and surrounding elements but the instruction of the direction. Videos like the one you see at WEBPRO.COM not only emphasize our capabilities but direct the customer to the finish line to fill out the form. Score!
Adding viral elements to a website isn't as difficult as you might think. Rich web media creates a lasting impact that reduces the "cost-per-touch" long after an event. Cost can be nominal if not negligible especially when compared to the conversion rates.
Good luck at your next event. I'll be there with my Dad picking up those notebooks to go with those pens

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