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The "Building Smarter Websites" tag is more than a slogo. It is the mission statement of WEBPRO and why the company was formed.
It should be in the forefront of every marketing manager, designer and web development group that ever touched dreamweaver or visual studio.
Unlike the movie, a talented web designer has 40 milliseconds (not 60) to capture the interest of potential customers. This is referred to as the halo effect.
In this short time frame, first impressions will influence subsequent judgments of the websites credibility and buying decisions.
Once you have a website up and running you have fought half the battle. However, many webmasters relax once all the pages are on the server because they don't realize the other half of the battle is getting people to come to the website. As more and more website's sprout on the net, it becomes imperative that a coherent marketing plan be in place to make a website successful.
7 Step Objective
  • Motivate repeat visitors and attract new ones.

  • Personalize and develop a one to one web interface that gives the user more control.

  • Gain a truer understanding of your customer’s needs and wants. Be prepared to address and publish emails.

  • Strategically build brand recognition and equity on the Web.

  • Create an electronic advantage for your customers.

  • Drive valuable and targeted traffic to your site.

  • Evaluate your Website's worth and learn ways to continually improve it.
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    Since 1994, WEBPRO has perfected Front Page Marketing that drives more qualified traffic!

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