Once a website has been created and published, many new website owners think that the web design project is over and the "design company" that did the work is quick to dismiss the customer and move on. Next!
In reality, the real work is just beginning. In order to create a money-making site, traffïc must be generated and driven to the website.
There are several effective methods that can be implemented in Tier II of the SEO strategy to create this web traffïc. While all methods may not be required to realize successful traffïc generation, some combination of most, if not all, will probably be needed to create traffïc, maintain traffïc and finally, grow traffïc to your website with long-term, lasting results.
Consider implementing these strategies:
  • Monthly Broadcast Newsletter (or weekly)

  • Dynamic News you control. Imagine publishing an article at 2:56 in the morning without the assistance of a webmaster.

  • Link Rot: Checking links frequently to make sure that they are live and changing the link text from time to time will register as a change to the page.

  • Content modification from time to time should be done in between these regular maintenance windows which will improve visability.

  • Reciprocal Links: Search for relevant and desired web pages with which to trade links.
  • Purchase PageRank-based links: boost your relevance and weïght in the eyes of search engines by purchasing links for a period of time, three to six months until you have achieved a better ranking.

  • List with directories: paid or unpaid directory listings that are relevant to your website will give your website additional exposure.

  • Anchor text: create the links with link text in mind, utilizing relevant keywords where possible.

  • PageRank consideration: link only with websites that have decent PageRank (PR); i.e., PR of 3 could be a minimum but a PR of 4 would be a much better requirement from those pages who want to exchange relevant links with you.

  • Creating a website is only the first step. Driving traffïc to your site is the next important task. Layout a plan of action and follow-through. You are not going to realize success until you invest the time and energy - or pay someone else for their expertise - to get the job done.
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